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About us

Few words about us

Cleanliness and care facility where you live or work is the greatest responsibility that may have the owner, therefore, aware of this gathering experience in one of the strongest states economically and developed, such as Denmark, have decided to bring the experience of quality work in our country. Swan, is the company that brings for you services such as: maintenance of houses, gardens and different buildings. The lack of similar companies conditioned us to establish this company, so that in our country, customers have the opportunity to serve with quality services. Care, commitment and responsibility are the features which characterize us, therefore, based on these points, we believe that our work for our clients, will ensure maximum success and will be uncompetitive in the free market.
Swan, starting in 2017, to allow you to have less worry for your home or building. We are the ones who care about every detail, taking away any possible concern around the house. It is clear that every house or industrial facility requires dedication and care, therefore, Swan brings machinery, working team with experience and the best methods for maintaining and cleaning your house and with this we can say that we offer you reliable service and professional.

Our vision

"We are aiming to be the most trusted partner for our customers and to ensure maximum market coverage"
Our vision is that of a successful company that operates with standard, quality and honesty for providing its customer service. By means of work and dedication, SWAN aims to turn into a success and quality model for providing maintenance and care services to your homes.
Convinced of the uncompetitive professionalism we bring, we try to be the top of the pyramid of similar companies in our country market. With sincere work and full dedication, we will always work to be the symbol of care and maintenance of facilities

Our mission

"Save every day of your break"
SWAN will be the main provider of home maintenance services, creating a positive impact on the quality of life of homeowners we serve.
We always work for clients and bring everything to them. The innovations, experiences and innovations that we bring to the market of our country are the strongest side with which we resist the market . Our sole purpose is maintenance, cleanliness and maximum responsibility for any object that will be in our hands

Why us!


For any duty that is part of our services, we have the maximum responsibility.


We are always for everything. Every need of your house and your garden, regardless of the type, is supplemented by our tireless team.


Successful work in Denmark and many years of experience alone is brought to you, to be always at your service.

Professional Team

Every employee in our company is professionalized in the work they he/she is doing. All we commit details, so that everything is perfect.