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EXPERIENCE: Successful work in Denmark and many years of experience alone is brought to you, to be always at your service.
RESPOSIBLE: For any duty that is part of our services, we have the maximum responsibility.
PROFESSIONAL TEAM: Every employee in our company is professionalized in the work they he/she is doing. All we commit details, so that everything is perfect.
COMPREHENSIVE: We are always for everything. Every need of your house and your garden, regardless of the type, is supplemented by our tireless team.
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Save every day of your break

 To allow you to have less worry for your home or building. We are the ones who care about every detail

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For our best quality you have chosen us

We always work for clients and bring everything to them. The innovations, experiences and innovations that we bring to the market of our country are the strongest side with which we resist the market.

We dream big and professional!
“We are aiming to be the most trusted partner for our customers and to ensure maximum market coverage”. Our vision is that of a successful company that operates with standard, quality and honesty for providing its customer services.
A future with expansion!
Swan mission is to expand country wise and beyond borders. We work hard to be the best in our field of service, so we can grow and build a concept that ranges all over the country. With our professional team and with our satisfied customers there is no limit for our possibilities for growing with our provided service and reach every home possible.
Great value of respect and trust!
Our customers trust and respect us for our values of honesty and expertise. Many of our customers recommends us to their family and friends, and we love them for that great gesture. Makes us happy to know they are happy with us. From every dance on roses you will sometimes get stung by thorns - that said, every customers also respects us for that trustworthy talk we have for misunderstandings.


Detailed maintenance inside and outside garden.


Detailed maintenance of the house.


Detailed maintenance of the apartment(100m2)


Extra services by your request
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We have best prices for the professional services we deliver


Detailed maintenance inside and outside garden.


Detailed maintenance of the house.


Detailed maintenance of the apartment(100m2)


Extra services by your request
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We’ve been lucky to collaborate with a long list of customers, located in and out of the country.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We want to answer any question you might have. We want also to save you some time by providing some answers for the most common questions we get.

Notice must be given two weeks before arrival to Swan, so we have time to make every little detail perfect.
During the summer holidays (Season), we prefer to be notified a month before arrival, since we have many customers who arrive at the same time.

Yes, you can. But we must notify you that a onetime cleaning of the house has a significant high value in price. Therefore we prefer to maintain the house all year round, which will create a significant reduction in price. That way we can provide the best service to our customers.
Swan is fully insured. We have insured our employees and the houses of our clients (While we are on the premises). However, we advise and recommend to have any object of value to not be left in the house, since we do not insure lost objects or items.
We want to create a loyal and trustworthy partnership with our clients so we expect our clients to be loyal.
At swan, your experience and satisfaction is very important to us.

We always encourage constructive dialogue between you and our skilled employees. The best results are most often achieved by giving your feedback directly to the head office of administration. They are often very responsive to concerns, since it is also the only way we can improve the quality of the cleaning.

Should something not live up to your expectations, we would of course like to come out and look at the problem or misunderstanding so we can correct the issue.
We do not guarantee that the grass are or will continue to be green or alive. Since sometimes conditions such as weather or other accidents that may occur, that are not our fault.
We do not guarantee that the plants and trees are or will continue to be green or alive. Since sometimes conditions such as weather or other accidents that may occur, that are not our fault.

Some nice words from our lovely customers.

Sometimes it is OK to brag about the love our customers have toward us. If only we had space to show them.
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